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What advice would you give to someone starting out? - Robert Carlyle on Big Questions

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"Mads is the rare, completely uninhibited actor who possesses us every moment he is onscreen. As a man, he is humble and gracious, quick to note he’s lucky to do what he does; who studies, but isn’t pompous about his “craft”. This is a guy who freely admits he started dance to “get girls,” and whose late-rising stardom seems to have kept him grounded. As an actor, everything Mikkelsen does feels genuine." (x)

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Quantum Leap fashion appreciation post.

That checkered pattern, those bellbottoms, that crease.

Those leopard print suspenders and sequined tie.

I think Al didn’t want to be out done by those check flairs.






Gal Gadot, the new wonderwoman [who is Israeli], is apparently on the Israeli side of the Palestinian conflict.

And what is the Palestinian conflict?

Pretend I’m an American (which I am) that is out of touch (which I am) because her local news doesn’t report on this (which it just fucking won’t).

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Ooooooooooooh, okay, thank you!

Wow, that’s really fucked up.

Risk, it might be worth taking a glance at the bbc world news website. Not 100% unbiased because, well, humans. But they actually report on stuff. My troll has has been reading it for years and noticed the bbc reporting on some us related news a day or more before American news outlets.

Awesome, thank you! :D

I don’t think you can class Palestine as a part of Israel, considering it is illegally occupying the lands under international law, and built a big wall dividing Israel and the west bank/Gaza, and is depriving the Palestinians of basic necessities like water, electricity and human rights.

Israel is ideologically driven to ethnically cleanse the areas of Palestinians, through illegal land grabs, wars etc.

I guess technically both sides are armed, but Hamas has like mortars vs the US funded Israeli army, the death toll is like 1000s (mostly civilians) vs 10s (2 civilians), it amounts to bottle rockets and stones vs merkava tanks.

Momo33me is Palestinian and blogs what is happening daily there, look with your own eyes what is happening and decide for yourself.


Zionists are inconsistent as hell tho on one hand yelling at you during protests to go back to Palestine and on the other hand refusing to grant Palestinians the right of return 


which one is it assholes 

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Quantum Leap : MIA (S2-22).

Leap Date : 1 April 1969.

Al is so touching!!

I was really impressed with Dean Stockwell’s acting in this ep, he was so desprete and heart breaking.


Quantum Leap : The leap home part 1 (S3-01).

Leap Date : 25 November 1969.


Quantum Leap : The leap home part 2 (S3-02).

Leap Date : 7 April 1970.

I loved Al in his navy whites and then the end was just D;




apparently e.l. james called former child star mara wilson (matilda) a “sad fuck” for critiquing the 50shades books a while ago and now there’s a feud. i love it.

Wow!  My respect for Mara Wilson just rose by 300%.  God I love her!

Saw her post on Facebook yesterday and beamed.

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All of the world is power blackout 
The best way to choose is to have a raunchy sex with your partner all night.


All of the world is power blackout 

The best way to choose is to have a raunchy sex with your partner all night.


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